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Winkler, Manitoba

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We envision a dignified community, culturally and resourcefully rich. It shall be a sustainable community where a bright future shatters the enormous fears and the uncertainties of an absurd future. This community shall promote an environment in which the rights and the responsibilities as well as equal opportunities exist for everyone to actively participate in achieving their full human potential.


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We have different causes and our donors can decide where to allocate their contribution. We have a Covid-19 Emergency Response, Pig farm, School project, Gardening and Sewing.

School Project

The school will aim to allow for the education of 360 children.  Last year (2016) we had 120 students. Our aim is to have 6 grades of elementary at 30 children per group, and 6 grades for secondary education also at 30 children per group. 


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Pig Farm

By providing pork meat to our communities, we can help alleviate malnutrition and hunger. We also encourage locals to raise pigs so that they can become financially independent. You can donate a pig and make someone happy. People like raising pigs but they have no means.


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$000 Goal


We plan to purchase land not far from the school where we can start a vegetable garden (next year). 


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Covid-19 Emergency Response

We are distributing hand sanitizers, marks and other emergency kits to prevent the spread of this deadly virus


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Bring Water To The Children

Women and young girls who learn how to saw clothes can become financially independent by starting their own sawing business.


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Since the idea of sending laptops to school, we realized that there was an urgent need for electricity, thanks to our donors for putting their hands in their pockets for …

Closing of the 2022-2023 school year at GS SAINT LUC

As part of HANDS DRC’s efforts to promote education, we organized the closing ceremony for the 2022-2023 school year. On this occasion, we welcomed ASSANI Berckmans, a member of HANDS …


Our partners

We thank our partners for their support and for making the difference in the lives of underprivileged women and children in Africa and beyond. May God bless you!