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Pigs breeding project in the 66 villages of Lurhala Sector conducted by HANDS

The territory of Walungu, particularly in the Lurhala group, is facing an acute food crisis. This situation is partly linked to several important factors. These include difficult physical and environmental conditions, poor availability of arable land, lack of funding for agricultural activities, low agricultural production, land grabbing by elites (political, religious, military, etc.), recurrent insecurity, etc. This unfortunate situation is at the root of several scourges. However, today the local population is a victim of extreme hunger, high morbidity rate, growing illiteracy, etc.

For this reason, the organization HANDS through its agro pastoral project, has thought to initiate a pig breeding project in the 66 villages of the grouping of Lurhala, territory of Walungu. This being the case, and given the financial constraints, we thought of first serving 24 pilot villages before extending the project to the whole of the Lurhala group in particular and to the whole of Walungu territory in general. 

HANDS being a philanthropic organization, we intervene in various fields, including livestock breeding. Indeed, after having proceeded to the training of May 17, 2022 of the beneficiaries of our project of breeding of pigs, we assigned ourselves to make a decent on June 04, 2022 for the distribution of these pigs to the pilot farmers who benefited from this training. Thus, through the said training, these beneficiaries were equipped with the necessary knowledge to take care of their pigs and aspire to the expected results in the days to come.

In view of this, these pictures illustrate very well in terms of Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI) the progress of this activity.   However, two categories of stakeholders were present during this day. In particular, the beneficiaries (CIKALA) and the distributors who are members of the HANDS Coordination sent to the field by the Board of Directors to make this activity effective.

However, all doors are open to people who would like to support this humanitarian work and of such great importance to reduce poverty and food insecurity in households of Lurhala in particular and the territory of Walungu in general.