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Earthquake damage to school in South Kivu

December 8, 2017 an urgent message reached us from our friends at the school project in the village of Ciriri, South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Emmanuel camunani Ndagano, who is one of the teachers and an administrator at the school project in South Kivu reported earlier by e-mail that an earthquake has hit the region on December 7 at around 1:00 a.m..

This earthquake had a magnitude of 4 on the Richter scale, according to Emmanuel. The area does see more earthquakes, but now there have been a few in a short time span.

Assani Muhanuzi in Winkler, Manitoba Canada has been in touch with those on the ground and he reported that, with God’s blessings, nobody at the school project got hurt in the quake.

The school has sustained some minor damage, most of it because there is no proper foundation under the building. It is our understanding that it is safe for classes to continue however, the foundation to the building will have to be strengthened and this needs to be done so it will withstand any possible future geo-structural movement or tremors.

Earthquake damage to school in South Kivu Earthquake damage to school in South Kivu

The pictures we are showing here give an impression of the dire need for properly engineered foundation, or at least a significant and lasting base for the building to be secured on and in.

During the Christmas school break, some work will be done on this and a better foundation will be made.

Assani will ask what is needed at short notice.

We like to call on any one who reads this to assist financially, however small your contribution may be. Urgent funding is needed, so this next step towards the foundation work can take place.

Funding can be done in a number of ways. A cheque made out to Hope For All Nations Development and Sustainability (or cash) can be given to Assani Muhanuzi at Shamrock Bay 1380 in Winkler, Manitoba (T6W1N9), or you can deposit it at the CIBC bank on 309 Main Street in Winkler, MB R6W 4B5.

At this stage there is no tax receipt possible, but we count on your understanding and care for the need at the school project.

Above all, please keep the children and the communities in South Kivu in your prayers.

In Christ,

“Akanyunyi kanayirize, karhana habe omurhi kalala ko.”

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