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Final match of the Soccer tournament held at the soccer field of Mugogo/Walungu, organized by HANDS DRC

In the framework of youth development and social cohesion, HANDS DRC organized a soccer tournament that reached 10 villages of the Lurhala group in Walungu territory. Each village was represented by locally selected players, their village leaders and their supporters.

The atmosphere of our activity was animated by a group of traditional dancers commonly called “NTOLE” in the presence of the national delegation of HANDS DRC, local leaders and the local population consisting of young girls and boys, men and women. The joy and applause were immense.

Here are the names of these ten villages grouped in 2 pools are A and B

Pool A Pool B










Firstly, before the launch of the match at 14:55, our colleague SAFARI François, in charge of the program, took the floor and thanked all the teams as well as the delegation of supporters who came to accompany the two finalist teams who had to fight for the final.

Secondly, the National Coordinator took the floor for a word of circumstance and that to encourage the young people and congratulating them for the efforts made to reach this stage of the tournament. Moreover, he thanked the President of the Board of Directors Mr. ASSANI MUHANUZI Berckmans for the courage and love he has for his land to have done his best to make this activity materialize and that it can produce tangible results in this community. He also emphasized that HANDS is a philanthropic organization at the service of the community and not an organization with political purposes nor a political party.

However, this Sunday 07th August, 2022, the final match took place at the soccer field in Mugogo between the team of KAHANDA and the team of RUGOHWA. The match started at 14:55 and ended at 16:45 with a score of 0 goals per game during the regulation time. Due to the time constraint, after 5 minutes of extra time, the game went directly to the penalty shootout.  After the penalty shootout, the team of KAHANDA won by 4 goals to 2. Therefore, the said village was the winner of the tournament organized by HANDS. 

At this stage of handing over the cup, Mr. Consolat BARAKA, Coordinator of HANDS DRC encouraged and congratulated all the teams represented but in particular the winning team of the tournament. He also added that this tournament was of great importance for the organization in that it will allow to occupy the young people during the vacations and especially to reinforce the social cohesion in the grouping of Lurhala in particular and the whole territory of Walungu in general. Thus said, he began to call the captains and presidents of each team to receive their gifts starting with the last of the competition to the winner.

Finally, the winning team or the champion village of the competition received the cup with all the honors and favors related to it.

One Reply to “Final match of the Soccer tournament held at the soccer field of Mugogo/Walungu, organized by HANDS DRC”

  1. Ci-joint la lettre de remerciement adressée à HANDS par la même population cfr archive Doc coordo.
    Ce tournoi est resté gravé dans la mémoire de nos compatriotes vu sa particularité. ( Seuls les joueurs vivants dans les villages concernés.)
    Avec la contribution de tout un chacun, l’activité a pris une couleur extraordinaire.

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